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Crypto for Mainstream Gaming & Philanthropy

PRPS & DUBI are revolutionizing gaming and philanthropy through next-gen NFT integrations and Universal Basic Income programs in developing countries. whitepaper iconWhitepaper

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About the Project

PRPS is a not-for-profit project. To inspire grassroots philanthropy using blockchain technology, the tokens were distributed free of charge among a community that's been behind large-scale charity endeavors for the past 10 years.

While initially without value, various supporters have since developed initiatives that incorporate PRPS and DUBI. This website in itself is a community project that was made to provide a simple overview of this grassroots initiative, which has only grown ever since the tokens were first created in 2018.

Generate DUBI with PRPS

With a simple smart contract interaction, anyone holding PRPS can generate DUBI.

PRPS (Purpose)

An ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Purpose can be used to generate DUBI when it is locked using its HODL smart contract. In addition to its functionality in various projects like Clash of Streamers, it can be freely traded on decentralized Ethereum exchanges like DubiEx.

Lock Purpose, earn DUBI

A holder who locks their Purpose will instantly receive 1% back as DUBI for every 3 months locked. After the lock period is over, holders can reclaim their Purpose and earn additional interest on it if they so choose. Locking can be done by interacting with the HODL contract or through a user-friendly community-made interface such as the HODL page on DubiEx.

DUBI (Decentralized Universal Basic Income)

As the sister token of Purpose, DUBI shares a lot of the same utility as Purpose and is accepted alongside it in projects such as Clash of Streamers to boost and unlock in-game progress.

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NFTs in Mainstream Gaming


September 2021

PRPS & DUBI are the cornerstone of the new hit mobile game Clash of Streamers. Buy, sell, and rent NFTs with DUBI in the world's first mainstream blockchain mobile game.

clash of streamers heroes

Play as your own NFT in the first of a new era of mobile games. Clash of Streamers brings blockchain to the multibillion-dollar mobile industry by allowing players to create and play as their own NFTs.


Join the NFT craze by turning yourself into a truly unique NFT that can be kept or traded independently of the game.

clash of streamers NFTs

Create your own NFT hero now!

Join the Growing Ecosystem

Discover, learn, and take part in the ever-growing ecosystem of projects that use and integrate PRPS, DUBI, and Clash of Streamers NFTs.

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Our History and Trajectory

PRPS & DUBI both feature a rich history in past projects, and a long future in upcoming projects.

  1. October 2017
    Initial Distribution Period

    PRPS was freely distributed by its creator as a thanks for supporting philanthropic endeavors.

  2. January 2018
    PRPS & DUBI Launch

    PRPS & DUBI officially launch on the Ethereum mainnet.

  3. February 2018
    DubiEx Launch

    DubiEx is created and launched in under a week, and becomes the primary exchange to trade PRPS & DUBI.

  4. September 2018
    "Giving Works" is Registered

    The international NGO Giving Works is founded with DUBI pilot programs on the horizon.

  5. May 2021
    Clash of Streamers Soft Launch

    Strongly integrated with PRPS, DUBI, and NFTs, Clash of Streamers officially launches on Android and iOS.

  6. Future
    Basic Income Pilot Projects With DUBI
  7. Future
    Productivity App Launch

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Meet the home of PRPS & DUBI

Trade now

With DubiEx, the community created a truly decentralized Ethereum exchange that offers a seamless and trustless user experience by allowing traders to instantly trade without the need to deposit or withdraw.

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dubiex trading


Users can trade directly with eachother without any third party taking a cut - DubiEx is entirely not-for-profit.

dubiex locking prps


Earn DUBI by locking your PRPS into the HODL smart contract for 3, 6, or 12 months.

dubiex nft marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Clash of Streamers hero and pet NFTs can be freely traded between players on DubiEx.

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